Happy New Year!


I just wanted to let everyone know that psimpl is still alive, and that I do plan to release multiple new versions in 2012. The upcomming version will be a complete rewrite and will focus on better integer support and better performance.

psimpl v7 released


psimpl v7 has just been released! This new release adds the Lang simplification algorithm, and contains various small bug fixes.

Unit tests


I finally decided to write unit tests for psimpl. The reason being that I encountered a number of boundary issues during the development of the Lang simplification algorithm. I have already passed the 100 mark and found numerous small bugs relating to collinear points. As writing all these tests takes a lot of time, releasing the next version of psimpl is taking longer than expected.

Website launched


Today I finally finished and launched a website dedicated to psimpl. Nothing fancy, just basic HTML and CSS. It should work fine in the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer.

psimpl v6 released


psimpl v6 has just been released! This is the first release for psimpl on SourceForge. Version 6 includes the Opheim simplification algorithm, and algorithms for computing the positional errors after simplification.